• Do I need to have license for becoming an eyelash extension technician?

    There is no need to have license of Esthetician or Cosmetologist to become an eyelash extension technician in B.C., Canada. We strongly recommend to have Eyelash Extension Certificate for working as an Eyelash Extension Technician.

  • Do I receive Certification for any course?

    Yes! You will receive Certification after finishing any class.(except Trail Course)

  • Which one is the most popular course?

    Professional Course

  • What does it mean by you can take other course for just paying the difference?

    For instance, this is how we calculate for student wish to take Professional after Basic Course. Total you only pay $1,300 + tax. ($3,500-$1,800= $1,700 then we minus eyelash kit price $400) The hours of class will be 21 hours (36 hours – 15 hours) and you have 7 weeks to finish this program.

  • Can I take Basic Course for 3 days?

    Yes! So you have 5 weeks to finish your Basic Course. You just have to choose 3 days (either Sunday, Tuesday or Statutory Holiday) within 5 weeks. Hours of schedule can be like 5 hours each for every class depending on your preference! This is same idea for all other course.

  • What is JLA?

    JLA stands for Japanese Lash Association. Their goal is to teach right skills, safety and logic of eyelash extensions. Please visit official site of JLA to find out more.

    Our academy is officially approved by JLA. Students who takes Professional course is eligible to take JLA exam and JLA certification with some condition. There will be also extra charge for JLA exam. If you would like to take JLA exam please contact us about detail.